Who are the Helpers of the Game?

The Helpers of the Game are normal players who have been elevated in their status in order to further the ideals and goals of Tanki Online. These individuals who help the game are doing so voluntarily. There are numerous branches of the Helpers, and each branch does something distinctly different, yet equally important.

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Help Site Consultants~

help.tankionline.com - The hub of information in Tanki Online. A place where players can find answers to questions via the Knowledge Base, or if necessary, ask their own. Help Site Consultants are incredibly knowledgeable players who've brought their expertise to the table. They maintain the site, ensuring that good topics are being posted, and players' questions are answered.

This Helper group receives the Microchip paint:

Forum Moderators~

Forum Moderators watch over the forum day and night taking care of off-topic messages and trolls, removing the irrelevant information and focusing your attention on important things. So if someone suddenly decides to make a mess in the forum because "you can do anything on the internet" just call a Forum Moderator, he or she will explain that there are rules to be followed both in real life and in the forum...

This Helper group receives the Ruby paint:

Chat Moderators~

These guys are the all-seeing eye of the Administration. They are always on the front line, right in the game watching over flooders, garbage mouths and other offenders to keep them from spoiling the mood of decent players. If a Chat Moderator is not around to help at that moment, don't lose your cool - try to remind the violator of the rules of the game, and if that doesn't help - simply block them using the Ignore option.

This Helper group receives the Alligator paint:

Battle Moderators~

Battle_Mods are specially trained moderators whom you won't find playing on the battlefield. They are Tanki Online special force, hidden from the public eye, fighting against sabotage and other violations that may happen in our beloved game. They deal with players who have gone too far trying to spoil the fun of honest players by cheating, sabotage or inactivity.

This Helper group receives the Alligator paint:

Social Media Moderators~

Social Media Moderators are responsible for everything related to the official social media channels of Tanki Online. They answer players' questions, moderate posts, and help Community Managers run fun events/contests on these pages.

This Helper group receives the Microchip paint:

Wiki Editors~

Tanki Wiki Editors are responsible for keeping the Wiki up to date with everything there is to know about the game. This includes writing and updating technical articles, strategy guides and general information about eSports and TO history. If there’s any information that you feel should be included in the Wiki, these are the people you should speak with.

This Helper group receives the Reporter paint:

eSports Helpers~

eSports Officials
eSports Officials regulate activities, topics and discussions in the eSports section of the forum. They are the ones who approve clans, player-made tournaments and consider reports regarding eSports topics and messages. They also act as referees for official events and tournaments in the community.

This Helper group receives the Aramid paint:

eSports Commentators
The eSports Commentators provide live action commentary of the fiercest battles at the pinnacle of Tanki eSports and will keep you updated about the latest news in the eSports business on the English eSports Channel.

This Helper group receives the Microchip paint:

eSports Broadcasters
Working side by side with the eSports commentators, the Broadcasters (cameramen) are the ones who provides us all with high quality live pictures of the most intense battles at the top of Tanki eSports.

This Helper group receives the Microchip paint:

eSports Reporter

eSports Reporters are in charge of writing articles for the eSports Community, including interviews with the best eSports players, reviews of the best matches, and more. If you are interested in applying for this position, it is necessary to have a strong knowledge of the English language, as well as a decent amount of knowledge in the eSports field.

This Helper group receives the Aramid paint:

eSports Designer

eSports Designers work with every other type of eSports Helper, providing various thumbnails and artworks for videos, live streams, articles, and more. If you are interested in applying for this position, you must have a decent knowledge of how to use Photoshop.

This Helper group receives the Aramid paint:

eSports Spectator

eSports Spectators are in charge of spectating the most intense eSports matches, and recording the best moments, for use in highlight videos, news shows, and more. If you are interested in applying for this position, you must have a decent computer that can record Tanki Online footage at a full frame rate, with all graphics settings turned on, as well as regularly available between 16 UTC and 20 UTC to complete the necessary work.

This Helper group receives the Aramid paint:

eSports Video Editor

eSports Video Editors work to provide stunning videos that cover the progression of eSports tournaments. They are some of the most hardworking individuals, producing several videos per week for viewers. If you are interested in this position, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of video editing programs, mainly Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas, and to have several examples of your best work.

This Helper group receives the Aramid paint:


On pages of Tanki Online Newspaper reporters reveal secrets, conduct investigations and share the latest news. If something interesting, unusual or important happens, you will always know about it from these guys. And if you've found something worth mentioning, tell a reporter about it as soon as possible!

"Special Features" Team

These Reporters write for the EN Newspaper, but mainly focus on writing [Special] articles as follow-ups to v-logs, important in-game announcements, eSports and Parkour Events, new updates/turrets etc. They are the successors to the "eSports Reporters," also reporting on any other important recent events in the game and community.

EN and FR Reporters

These reporters write for English and French Newspapers respectively.

All Reporters receive the Reporter paint:

Contest Organizers~

Contest Organizers
Contest Organizers are the workforce, the creative mind, and caretakers of the Community Events Contest Section. They are responsible for the preparation and organization of new contests, to plan ahead to keep the players busy with new challenges.

Parkour Contest Organizers

Parkour Contest Organizers are similar to Contest Organizers, in that they create contests for the community, but this team specializes in bringing parkour-specific contest to players, including (but not limited to): Masters of Parkour, Parkour Survival, Lift Off, etc.

All Contest Organizers receive the Neon paint:

Event Helpers~

Events Administrators  

Event Administrators are the one in charge of the English and German Events. If you have any complaints about the Events or any member of the Event Team they are the one you should contact, also for any other kind of problems related to the Events.

Events Organizers  

Event Organizers or also seen as Spectator, they are the ones who overlook the events. They do so by taking care and organizing the Event making them more enjoyable to the participants.

Event Evidence Broadcasters  

Event Evidence Broadcasters are the one who preserves all the evidence of each event. They stream on a daily basis the events in a backup channel to make sure in case of doubt they can provide the footage to the Event Organizers.

Events Helpers  

Event Helpers are the working force of the Events, they actively help on the battlefield. They are easily recognizable from the Neon paint.

All Event Helpers receive the Neon paint:

Content Helpers~


Proofreaders are the ones responsible for correcting messages and announcements. They find some mistakes that can be in any news you see on the official media and the forum, and they correct grammar and punctuation.


Spectators in this position are responsible for players' requests for photos and video footage. From time to time, the players want some new content for a YouTube video, and that's why they are here; they are always ready to record clips and take some cool photos, with the best quality.

Rent-A-Spectator group receive the Spectator paint:


Assistants are the ones who are responsible for answering and moderating Google Play reviews, dealing with documents and spreadsheets, and editing some videos.


Designers are the ones who are responsible for creating art about Tanki Online, which helps the whole community with artworks, drawings, sketches, official logos, and other graphic related stuff. The team's work is to design for the administration and community helper's group of the game.

Designer group receive the Helios paint:


Translators are the ones who are responsible for translating the regularly posted v-logs (video blogs) posted on the official Tanki EN YouTube channel into various different languages, as well as translating any other needed works, so that a wider audience can understand something important.

All Content Helpers except Rent-A-Spectator and Designer receive the Microchip paint:

RU Content Helpers~

RU Content Helpers are the ones who are responsible for making short videos on a designated Content Helper YouTube channel. These videos can range from informational guides, to creative, enjoyable content. They are also in charge of editing of the v-logs. There are various different strands to this position, including Designers, Commentators, Video Editors, and Spectators, so there's a wide array of possible Helper opportunities.

This Helper group receives the Spectator paint:

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