The Test Server

Purpose of the test server~

The Test server is to test new updates, as well as finding bugs and errors, in an environment comfortable for testers.

Anything you buy or earn on the test server, be it crystals, supplies or turrets/hulls, will never go to your account on the main server.

Invite codes~

If at the moment there's no mass testing going on, but is online, then the access to the test server is restricted by invite codes. Invite codes are like a second password that each Tester is given. (Testers are players who speak fluent Russian and help the developers discover bugs and glitches within the game.)

Only Testers, Candidate Testers and Developers have invite codes.

Neither your password, nor your email is required in order to get an invite code. You will either be able to enter with every one else, or not at all.

The Administration never gives invite codes to players who are not in the Testers group. If there's a need for more players on the test server, then an open testing (mass testing) will be started.

Mass testing~

Sometimes to test a new update, Developers need many players to play on the test server at the same time, as many bugs can occur (and eventually get corrected) when the server is loaded with more players. In such cases the test server gets opened for everyone who wants to join. However, there's no schedule for such openings and developers never announce them in advance.

Codes for the test server:

  • "/addcry 500" adds five hundred crystals to your test server account.
  • "/addscore 1400000" ranks your test server account to Generalissimo.

These codes may not always work, and never work on the main servers. Attempts to use them in other places, except the test server, is considered as flood, and you may get a warning or a ban for it.


Rules for playing and communicating with others are not any different from the ones for the main server.

To access Tanki Online's test server, go here:

Any other addresses that some players suggest are scams, aimed at stealing your account!

How to get on the test server~

The current test server of Tanki Online can be found at the address

Any other addresses that some players suggest are scam, aimed at stealing your account!

You can also enter the test server using the Standalone Flash. Links for it are below:

№ of serverLink

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