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As some of you may know, Tanki Online has intentions to transfer away from the Flash platform, and begin using Unity. The Unity platform comes with numerous advantages from a programming perspective, which you as players will feel the positive effects of. When it was originally decided to use Flash as the platform for Tanki Online, it was cutting edge. Though now, such is the way with advancements in technology, Unity is now the platform that offers the most for the development of Tanki Online as a project.

Some have felt concerns that they'll have to download large files just to play Tanki, or something along those lines. Thankfully, this is not true. Tanki Online has been, and will always be, a browser based game. Though in order to run any Unity application (not necessarily Tanki Online), you'll have to download a small file. This file is entirely safe, and you will be prompted to download a secure version of it when you first attempt to enter the new version of TO.

Currently, near all of Tanki's developers are working on bringing us closer to the completion of the Unity version. The developers have chosen the Unity platform as it is designed for games, whereas Flash is a general program designed to handle no specific thing. In the past, the developers had to go through a significant amount of work because of this. And thankfully, while the switch to the Unity platform will bring many new good things, and rid us of numerous issues, there will be no need to change development plans, so things can stay right on schedule.
Of course, if by some odd power the Unity version doesn't make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, or you still have a serious emotional attachment to the Flash version of Tanki Online, never fear! Both the Flash and Unity version will be online at the same time. So long as players show an interest in the Flash version, it will be there. Though take note; when you first sign into the Unity version, it will copy over some of your account information, but from there on out, your Flash and Unity accounts will be seen as separate in every regard. So for example, if you gain ten crystals while playing on the Unity version, those ten crystals will not show up on the Flash version, nor will any other changes to your account or its information (whether this be the purchase of a hull, or a change of the e-mail bound with your account), and vice versa.

The changes Unity will bring~

As has been mentioned above, from a developing standpoint, things are about to get significantly easier, which means the development projects will become streamlined. Though there is more to this switch than just that! A few changes to be seen with the Unity switch include, but are not limited to:

  • Graphic animations for tank movements and the activation of supplies!
  • 3D trees! Whereas in the past TO has used 2D trees.
  • Updated map graphics! Whole new props have been created.
  • Updated maps! The best maps will be recreated on this new platform, and the old, less popular maps will be replaced with brand new ones!
  • A nicer, fresher UI (User Interface), with a HUD (Heads Up Display)! Conceptually the same thing real life fighter pilots use!
  • Support to play TO on different devices! Eventually Tanki Online will support use on Andriod, and iOS. (The Unity platform even leaves the potential opportunity to make Tanki Online available on consoles.)
  • Initially TO will only be available from a client, though it is planned to make it available in browsers down the road.
  • The clan system will receive a significant update. The clan system will reside within the game itself, and it will be indicated which clan you are in (if any) next to your name.
  • The whole game economy will be changed. The only similarity between the Flash and Unity version's economy is the currency - crystals.
  • The chat system within the game will receive numerous changes. 1 to 1 conversations will be possible, and chat rooms will be organized not by server, but rather by what aspect of the game you wish to discuss.

What will stay~

While the Unity version of Tanki Online will bring many new and exciting changes, the fundamental aspects of the game shall remain.

  • The physics model the Flash version uses will be recreated as closely as possible.
  • Gold Boxes and supplies will stay though their appearance has been revamped! (Though the value of a Gold Box may change.)
  • All languages supported in Flash will also be supported in Unity.
  • There will still be no voice chat in the game.
  • Turrets, hulls, and paints will remain, though some changes may occur due to the reworked economy.

Will accounts be transferred~

No, they will not. Even though Tanki Unity is a similar game to TO, it's still a different game and is independent from Tanki Online. Your achievements will not be transferred. More info.

Will there be testing~

Yes, of course! The best games are not created solely by a team of developers, but also with player involvement and feedback. Right now a majority of the visual effects, modals, and animations have been completed. With this done, there will be a CBT (Closed Beta Testing) of the Unity version where a limited number of players shall be selected to help test the new version. The number of individuals who partake in this testing will initially be small, beginning with only TO employees. Then soon after that, players will be presented the opportunity to apply for a position in the beta testing. Early access to the Unity servers will be provided to active community members, YouTubers, bloggers, etc.

Also, as we get closer to the publish date of the Unity version, several contests will be held with a prize of invite codes. The winner of one of these contests will not only be able to access the closed beta testing, but also bring several of his friends along as well.

For those of you who just want to check it out for kicks - never fear! After a few months of the closed beta testing, there will be an open beta testing, where all will be welcome.

System requirements~

  • Intel Core i3.
  • 4 Gigabytes of RAM.
  • Intel HD graphics 4000.
With these specifications, the user should receive a stable 40 frames per second in a full 10 versus 10 battle. Of course these are just recommended system requirements; the game will still run on weaker systems.


In summary, awesome things are to come! The change to Unity will bring you an all new game, but with the familiar, tested character of the Flash version.

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