How to upload an image?

It is often necessary to upload images to a hosting website before publishing it in the forum or just to share it with friends. This article will tell you how to use Postimage to upload your pictures.

Uploading images to Postimage

  1. Go to postimage's official website and click Browse...
  2. Click 'choose image' and select the photo you would like to upload
  3. Photo will be uploaded and it will show a list of links
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  4. Choose the second link in the list (Direct Link) and copy it to easily use the image anywhere via its URL
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  5. Paste the image onto the forum and the image will appear

Uploading images to Imgur

  1. Go to Imgur's official website
    Click to enlarge
  2. Click on the "New post" button found on the top left side of the page
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  3. Now either drag and drop your image, chose it from your computer or paste its URL to start uploading it
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  4. Your image has now been uploaded successfully. Simply click on "Copy link" to use it anywhere via its URLClick to enlarge

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