How to create a clan?

First consider and accept the fact that clan leading and management is not for everyone. It requires a fair amount of time, organisational skills, ability to strike and maintain discipline, very cool head, more time away from the game, dedication and patience among many other attributes

If you are not experienced enough and do not know enough about eSports in general then you should strongly consider joining an existing clan from which you can learn the trades before attempting to start your own clan.

  1. Read the General Rules of Cybersports and the Game Rules,
  2. Gather at least 8 players. You are NOT allowed to make topics on the forum to advertise about it / recruit members.
  3. Choose a name for the clan and its abbreviation. e.g. clan "Cheese & Chocolate" [CnC] . Search the forum and make sure the name is not already taken by another clan.
  4. Choose who will be the leader. Rank should be mini_11.png Warrant Officer or above.
  5. Leader has to start a topic in the Newcomers forum section.
  6. The topic title should be in the form Clan "Cheese & Chocolate" [CnC]
  7. The top post of the topic should contain:

► Designs & logos of the clan.
► Skype contact of the leader or designated clan representatives.
► List of all members' names and ranks in the form Tournaments, type, "[member='nickname']".

In cases where members haven't registered on the forum yet, the above method will not show their name at all. In order to make your clan page acceptable, follow the below instructions:

  1. Wherever that happens, include the name of the player in parentheses next to his [ member=nickname].
  2. Example : [ member=admin] (admin).
  3. eSports Officials will only consider entries in either the admin or (admin) format.

Before you post your club~

  • Beware ! Your topic will be reviewed by an Official for approval. Unapproved topic will immediately get deleted. So do not click on the button too fast!!

  • Use the   button as much as you need to in order to preview your topic before submitting it for approval.
  • You may also want to save a copy of it all in a personal message before posting the topic to prevent any loss of data in case of non-approval.
  • Once the topic is approved, all the members have to post "I am in this clan" in the clan topic to confirm their membership. If after 3 days not enough members confirmed the clan will be considered invalid and closed.

(You are not allowed to make more than one clan topic per month.)
(Moderators will reject topics failing on any single one of the above points.)
(Topics are approved within 48 hours, if your topic doesn't show up after that period then it was rejected.)

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