How to write to TechSupport?

Writing to TechSupport is very simple. Below you can find the links to forms using which you can contact the Support for various problems you may be having.

If your account has been stolen or you forgot your password, use this form. More info.

If you lost crystals/exp/items from your account, use this form. More info.

If your account has been blocked and you think it was a mistake, use this form. More info.

If you paid for crystals but didn't receive them, use this form. More info.

For other types of problems use this form.

There also has been a feature added to the main page of Tanki where you can write to tech support. You can do so by following these simple steps.

1. When on the main page press the icon in the bottom right which is displayed in the image below.

2. You should be prompted to log in with your Tanki Account.

3. After signing in your nickname and linked email should appear in the first two boxes.

4. After describing your problem in detail you should be contacted soon by tech support with the email provided.

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