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Low server speed

1375 8 months ago updated by Adab (Moderator) 8 months ago 1

Hello. For about two days, the game server speed has slowed down. My internet speed is high and I do the rest of the sites and downloads easily, but the game speed is very slow (download rate  of tankionlone site is about 100KB/s and fewer) and it takes more than a minute to enter the garage and when I change it, it only applies to the garage (not in the game) or after the self destruction of the tank after applying the change, does not enter the game (the camera stops and my tank is not in the game at all while I can see the others playing) Please fix this problem.

Under review

Hey there!

Assuming you are playing the game on a browser: Please restart the game if that happens, but if it persists, try clearing the browser's cache or using another browser. Or, you may try using the client.

If you already use the client, please do the same - restart first and see, then clear the client's cache, except for switching browsers which is impossible here. Let me know if this helps.