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Problem regarding supplies

Asad512 9 months ago updated by Adab (Moderator) 8 months ago 8

I've been facing a problem during the game, that my supplies are constantly being getting depleted (especially repair kits) without their usage. I don't know whether its a bug or my ID is being hacked by someone. Kindly resolve the issue ASAP. Thanks already

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Sounds strange. Please make sure you're not using them in any way without your knowledge (check controls, etc.); if everything's okay but that's still happening, consider changing your password. And if that's still happening, contact Technical Support using this form.

More information here. You may also want to read this article. Also, please submit a video recording here so we could forward it to the developers if needed. Good day!

Yes, it is strange. It wasn't until yesterday. Anyhow, I will follow the instructions. Thanks 

I changed the password as you asked. But the same problem persists. Repair kits are getting depleted. The form you sent is regarding missing crystals. Can I still use that??

Sad to hear that! Yes, you can use that form for this issue; but I first recommend sending us a video recording of it so we could ensure if there's anything we could do about it and maybe forward it to the developers.

 I've attached a video file in which you can see that initially there were 266 repair kits. But you will see them reducing to 264 within 2 minutes span. I had more than 500 repair kits 3 days ago.

Another problem I want to mention here that there wasn't any damage to opponent tanks. It happens quite often & I have to restart my game to omit out this bug.

I've got 10 days premium. 2 days are wasted already. Please resolve the former issue ASAP. Thanks

This is so frustrating. This is the only game that I play whenever I get free time. Kindly do reply as soon as possible. Thanks once again.

I've received a reply from technical support that the kits were used in battles. If there wasn't any problem why I was going to post here in the first place. Plus I have attached a video file in which it can be seen that I haven't used repair Kits

Please continue seeking help from them, it looks like only they can help with this. We'll however forward the video to the developers if needed.