Problem solved

'Destroy the boss' special mission is not there

EVENT542 9 months ago updated by Adab (Moderator) 9 months ago 1

i have got all missions i.e thor's hammer, hercules ,rage,avada kadavra but i cant see destroy the boss on my list .............what should i do is it seen on some particular rank or something

Problem solved

Hello there, the 'Destroy the boss' special mission should be available from 2:00 UTC on November 7 until 2:00 UTC on November 9. A special festive DM mode (where you need to complete the mission) will be available to play during the duration; maps for it include Yorkshire, Magistral, and Highways; every player will be automatically having the Juggernaut tank in there

This is related to the 'Mad Tanks!' event, please read more about it here. Good day!