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PatientZero 7 months ago updated by Adab (Moderator) 7 months ago 3

I pull up https://tankionline.com/play/ and it goes to the Loading screen for a while, before giving me the message below. No other issues (with other websites, programs, etc.) - Firefox 81.0 on Win10

ConfigLoadedException: Config load exception with status

Refreshing the page and "Restart" button both just take me back to the Loading screen and, eventually, the same message. I have tried deleting the TankiOnline cache, clearing out Firefox's cookies & cache, even restarting my router, but this problem has persisted for days now.

Under review

Hey, sorry to reach you out late! Here are possible solutions to your problem: Restart your browser or computer, check your internet connection, clear cache (Browser/Client) or try using other browsers. Let us know if anything helps.

You may also play the game using the HTML5 version's client.

I have tried just about all of those, including the standalone HTML5 client, but the issue persists. I even tried the standalone Flash client, but it tells me that the server is unavailable (maintenance), no matter what server I try, so this looks to be more than just an HTML5 issue?

Flash versions of the game might be unstable as Adobe Flash is going to be discontinued by the end of this year, 2020, and the developers are focusing on the HTML5 version (Browser/Client). If you want to really play using the Flash version of the game, I recommend using the official client (Windows/macOS) or running it on a browser, and not the Standalone Flash Player.

Please send us a screenshot of your internet speed test using this website. Also, a video recording of this issue is required to forward this issue to the higher-ups, if needed (which I recommend you send).