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Unable to chat even after playing MM

Girlproxxx 6 months ago updated by Adab (Moderator) 2 weeks ago 6

whenever i join and play battles it still wont let me chat and it says you need to do a few battles in the matchmaking mode even though i did please can you sort this thank you very much 

Under review

Hello there!

Are you sure you played battles in the 'MatchMaking' mode? It would be helpful if you could provide more details (version/HTML5 client, OS, et cetera).

yeah i tried everything and it still doesnt let me chat 

If you can't chat even after playing 3 MatchMaking battles, please contact the customer support service at help@tankionline.com as mentioned in the message you receive when you attempt to chat (screenshot below), via this form, or directly on the website as shown in this article.

Also to confirm, does it give you any message saying you were chat banned or did it give the same message of play more matchmaking battles? 

Alright, then hopefully my post above about contacting customer support should have helped you. Did it?