Dealing no damage during matches

Sweettums 10 months ago updated by Adab (Moderator) 10 months ago 3

hello, i've been having this problem for a while where when I enter matches I self-destruct then my tank does no damage to other tanks. I fixed this by self-destructing again, where it would work sometimes and other times i have to leave the match to enter in another one. The new tank Ares came along and in some battles it does no damage at all and there are some battles where it does damage but i can't change my hull during the match because it results in no damage. When i do make a change from Ares to any other hull it does no damage in any match unless i reload the page. This process takes up time and i also end up wasting my supplies. Can you please tell me what the problem may be and how i can fix it. Thanks

There are times when I do no damage in the game when I'm not lagging and have self destructed multiple times. This ends up being a huge waste of time where I either wait through the game dealing no damage and getting killed multiple times to be rewarded with 0 exp or to leave the game and risk waiting a leaver penalty.

A short update, please note that restarting the game or having a good internet connection could solve the issue in most cases. Either way, game bugs are frequently squashed by the developers, so giving some time, waiting, and checking again (or if you prefer, using other versions of the game for the meantime) could also help. 

If this problem is persistent, please send us a video recording so we could better manage the issue (you may also like to post it either here, or..here). Good day!