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Saboteur drone issue

awesome-blaster 10 months ago updated by Adab (Moderator) 10 months ago 1

I h ave, I think, the saboteur drone for my tanks.  The problem is, it doesn't register with my tank.  I don't get the cluster mines except when, somewhere along the line, I get some.  I don't know why.  When I go to the drone page it shows the red circle with a line through it, meaning I cant get it.  But I already have it.  What's going on?

Secondly,  when the cluster mines show up, the disappear even when I don't use the.m.  Example - I received 21 during a game; I didn't use any during that game; when the next game came up, I only had 7; I used a couple of them; all of a sudden I'm down to 0.  Why did the disappear?  Why can't I get any drones at all?  I have checked every drone on the site and not one of them will register on my tank.

Under review

Hey, could you please explain your issue in a more clear manner? If you could, I will easily be able to provide you the best answer(s) possible!

But I will try my best to help you out now.

1) For your first issue, please check if you have batteries available.

2) For your second issue, I'm pretty sure it is because the 'Saboteur' drone consumes 4 Mines.