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Any way to make keyboards faster at turning turret? Why mouse slower than keyboard at it? Did the latest update decrease keyboard controls' performance?

Drain_Brammage 11 months ago updated by Adab (Moderator) 11 months ago 1

is there a way to make my keyboard faster at turning turret ? As the mouse is 1000x faster at doing this...y ?

Why is the mouse so much faster at turning turret than the keyboards... keys ?

Related question: Is the latest it update of tanki possibly responsible for the perceived decrease in keyboard control performance ?

As I purchased a new computer system, and now when i play tanki... they keyboard controls are slower than ever ( no matter what keyboard i use ).  It literally is 1/2 as fast at turning and 1/10 as accurate as it used to be.

(I cant post any good scores... or have any consistency )

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Hey, it looks like you are talking about the camera movement speed and not the turret turning speed. Using a mouse is faster than a keyboard in terms of it because it has been developed so.

You might notice slight differences in camera movement speed from the Flash version (Browser/Client - Windows/Mac) of the game in the HTML5 version (Browser/Client); but turret turning speed was not changed recently. I recommend checking your keyboard's connection to your computer.

And there is no way to make keyboards or mouses turn turrets faster. However, the movement speed of the game's camera can be changed by adjusting the "Mouse look sensitivity" under "Controls" settings for mouse controls, and by following these methods for keyboard controls.