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TypeError: Cannot read property 'getExtension' of null

The_one_and_only 1 year ago updated by Adab (Moderator) 9 months ago 2

How can I fix the error occurring in the new HTML 5 client?

I have tried clearing cache, playing on client and browser, and reinstalling but I could not succeed. Does anyone have any idea?

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Hey, for now, there is no proper solution for it, simply restart the game if that error occurs.


I HAVE A FIX. For all those Facing this Problem, just open https://tankionline.com/play/ in chrome> Go to Menu>More Tools>Create Shortcut and name it Tanki Online....The Client has so many bugs.

With this method you can play smoothly without those stupid garage bugs or any others.

You also get a Client like feel this way.