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Having problem while entering battle

Nepali-T-Rex 4 months ago updated by XDragonKnightX 4 months ago 2

It's been few days since I couldn't enter battle. My internet connection is good but what I found is after I enter battle, the battle doesn't load. I tried to restart Tanki Online and enter battle but still it wasn't loading. So I though I should wait for 2-3 minutes until it will kick me from battle itself due to inactivity/offline. But it didn't happen as I thought, even after 5-12 minutes my account isn't kicked from battle automatically. And I join after 5-7 minutes, it finally let me enter in that battle. This issue is neither letting me to play nor other players. I tried clearing cache as well, but same issue. 

Under review

Hey, please provide more details. In which version of the game did you experience this? Is this the case only for MM battles? Does this occur often times? Otherwise it could be due to temporary server downtime or issue(s). Please also provide a video recording if possible.

This happens in client of flash version. I only play xpbp battles so it's happening in xpbp battles but I recently tried MM and parkour battles, still same issue. I hardly enter 1 battle after trying for so long. And yeah it isn't internet issue because after I finally enter a match I get same ping which I used to get and not high ping. It happens often. Since a week it's been really tough to enter a match. At least it should've removed me from battle after 2 minutes as I close Tanki but I remain in that battle for quite a long time so other players also have to wait 5-10 minutes until I enter in that match and start to play.(In xpbp)