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Can't get in a game without "getting kicked for inactivity"

cytaba 11 months ago updated by Adab (Moderator) 11 months ago 1

Hello guys,

I have the same problem as some people in this forum: getting in a game takes more than 2 minutes to load, and it would take longer if the game didn't "kick me for inactivity"...

It's not like I didn't play this game before: I got sergeant major before... (back then I played on browser, I think it was Chrome)  

I read a lot of times:"Your internet connection must be slow" 

But my Internet connection is perfect, so...

(By the way I downloaded the game with steam)

I don't understand what on earth I am supposed to do...

Thanks in advance for your responses

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Hey, please read this article: I can’t enter the game / the game doesn't load. It's highly due to internet issues on your side (i.e. is working slower than usual), if so, you will need to restart your modem/router or reconnect to your Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, it could be due to cache overload and you may need to clear cache (Browser/Client). It could also be due to server instability or downtime but that's not very likely.

Regarding Steam, could you please explain in details? If you are not sure how to get started, please check this. However, please note that Steam is a 3rd-party website, and therefore Tanki Online is not responsible for its availability or maintenance; hence I recommend you to play through official versions (also: HTML5 Client).