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Question of the week

PAKNAVY 1 year ago updated by Adab (Moderator) 1 year ago 3

What happens if you touch meteorite in the air



The question of week segment of the v-log specifically features questions where Players have to guess a specific letter or number, based upon the question, rather than being a short-answer type format. For example, a possible question of the week could be: "If this tank runs over five mines, how many flips will the tank complete before landing?" Since that particular question has a specific integer number as an answer, it could be selected. Your example of a question, unfortunately, doesn't meet the criteria they are looking for.

Sorry, but hope this helps your understanding!

Hey, if you touch a meteorite in the air, nothing will happen, it will simply go through you (your tank). It only impacts on the ground, at least as of now.