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Hornet usually self destructs

The-killer-123 1 year ago updated by Adab (Moderator) 1 year ago 1

I have a hornet and every time i jump it self destructs and not only high jumps but even from simple bumps why is that and 
if it is a rule how is it fair

When i go up a ramp fast and land on the ground right in front of it i self destruct since because of my speed when i go up the ramp my hornet jumps very little and i self destruct 

so i have to go slowly then whats the point of hornet 

Many of my friends have the same concern as me pleasee help me its very difficult to play

and i dont want to switch tanks i already used a lot of jems upgrading my hornet

Under review

Hey, is this issue persistent? Could you please provide more information? Like does it only happen for Hornet? In a specific map, or mode? In a specific version of the game? etc.

Also, please provide a video recording so we could escalate the issue if needed.