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Cannot play on my Macbookpro

supertank 1 year ago updated by Adab (Moderator) 1 year ago 1

Thank you for reading this topic. I have a problem so plz help me.

I'm playing on MacBookPro and browser is Safari. I'm trying to log in to my acc through Safari but they say the server is under maintenance so I cannot play tanki.

I have Firefox in my pc. So I really want to move to html5 version but when using html5, I have to restart browser 2 or 3 times a battle and its very annoying so still using flash version...

Are there any ways to solve this issue? or should I just give up to play on Safari and play on html5 with errors?

Under review

Hey, it could be due to server downtime, but that seems unlikely in this case. Do you still experience this issue? Please provide more details, including a video recording if possible.

About HTML5 in Firefox, try lowering graphics settings, closing useless tabs and add-ons to free up available RAM, or checking if you have the latest version of the browser. However, you can always use the downloadable client for the HTML5 version of the game following these simple short steps (look under: "Mac OS").

Looking forward to a reply, have a bright day ahead! :)