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HTML5 not recording my progress

DarkBrain 1 year ago updated by Adab (Moderator) 11 months ago 1

For the <<Evolution of Confidence>> mission I caught a gold, but it didn't register. I've caught a gold everyday so far for the reward of the 17 golds mission. Pls help Tanki.

Under review

Hey, if you meant you caught Gold Boxes but a 'Special' mission did not track that in its progress, please make sure you activated (or, activate) your special missions by visiting them in the 'Missions' section (you just have to open the 'Special Missions' list, you don't have to click or do anything else there to activate them) in either the HTML5 (Browser/Client) or Mobile version of the game.

If it still didn't track them, you should wait for the servers to restart at 2 UTC (same time, daily) and check if it did. And if it still didn't track, you need to contact our Technical Support team using this form.

I hope this helps you, in case you haven't found a proper answer or solution to your problem. Have a bright day! :)