How to download the old versions of Tanki?

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how download old versions



Hey, please click here to play the Flash version on a browser, or this (Win/Mac) link to download its client.


Hey, please click here to play the Flash version on a browser, or this (Win/Mac) link to download its client.

Hey, sorry to hear that. Could you please tell what happens when you try to join a battle and in which version of the game you face this issue?


How do I play the 2018 version of tanki online?

The 2020 version is slow and not as fun as before.


Hi, there is no 2018 or 2020 version of Tanki Online. To play the Flash version, as long as it is not discontinued by Adobe, use this link on a browser, or this (Win/Mac) link to download its client.

As for it being slow, I have posted my reasons and solutions on it here, please have a look. Good day!


Unfortunately, today tanki close the old version

I think it is the time to say

Good bye tanki online                                                                                            

Sad to hear that. The developers had to do it because Adobe is discontinuing Flash; many others are also doing the same.

However, Tanki Online is currently available in the HTML5 (Browser/Client) and Mobile version for you to enjoy anytime. Both are better versions with better possibilities.

Thank you for understanding. :)


I hope the moderators will return the old version to the new version, boring, and I don't like it

You are supposed to run two versions for the one who loves to play with me, the old and the one with the new. Like this, I think it will be better


Tanki Online was built using Adobe Flash. This is not purely a decision made by the developers, but rather a decision made by Adobe to discontinue Flash (click on the link for more information) as it is very old and has several vulnerabilities, et cetera. Hence, it is impossible to continue developing any game on a discontinued platform, and the developers (among the developers of several other games, applications, etc.) have decided to discontinue the Flash version (Browser/Client - Microsoft Windows/macOS) of the game.

Tanki Online would have no future if it continues on Flash. I hope I made it clear for you, have a good day!


I wish to play Tanki 2018, now it is just a pay to win game...
I feel so depressed, that time when Solo JGR was the only JGR and flash was there, that was the best time ever, and I remember I read an article which said: "How would tanki online be in 2080". I know its going to be for buyers and i dont know how much more are they seriously going to destroy the game, you guys dont realise! MrThunder left, HD Left, Ghost Animator plays v.less, and more famous people left tanki as they remembered the blessed flash time. Im crying at this moment, I never imagined tanki would die like this. Im in pain!

I'm sorry to hear that. Any change to the game is made only after careful thinking and analysis. This topic explains why Flash was discontinued.

If you have any complaints, please post them here. Or if you have any ideas/suggestions, please post them here. Good day!

I used to like and play this game: NOW I DO NOT LIKE IT AT ALL! This game is awful! 

Hi D.E.V.l.L, I'm sorry to hear that.

If you have any complaints, please post them here on the English forum.

tanki is boring the flahs is so bad just like tanki i played this game since 2015 it was great know  its bad like why adab moderater why do you gatto do this to us what the #

Hi there 200K-XP, I'm so sorry to hear that. However, please note that I'm not a developer of Tanki Online and I do not make changes to the game. I'm Adab — a Help Site Consultant (I also hold some other positions) helping the game and its community as a volunteer. :')

If you have any complaints, please post them in the Complaint Book on the English forum.

I cant play :( plase help me someone

Hi, can you please explain your issue? I will try my best to help you.

i want to download my tanks game can someone help me?

Hey, that's not an official version of Tanki Online and I do not recommend playing from unknown sources.