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I caught a Gold box today in MatchMaking but my mission was not completed

Alor.namenemate.Spee 1 year ago updated by Adab (Moderator) 1 year ago 3

I caught a gold box today in a matchmaking battle in Assault and my mission evolution of confident dont be completed, but it should be. 

Please check and correct.

Sorry for gramatics i am czech and use translate google.

Under review

Hey, you should activate the mission in the HTML5 (browser/client) or Mobile version of the game.

Hi adab. Have the same problem - both Monday 20th and yesterday 22th of May I caught Gold Boxes in MM-battles, but didn't get the special Evolution Of Confidence completed.  I play the HTML5 version in a browser (Mozilla Firefox). Yesterday the game was Siege where I caught the Gold Box, if it helps clarifying. And yes I have acivated the mission OR HAVE I? Do you need to activate this mission every day? If so, then I think this explitely should be stressed in the announcement, that the daily special missions, which ar reset evere night, needs to be activated every day - at least I haven't understood tha announcement like this, if this is the way one have to do to get the daily special missions. And as I remember, I didn't do any activation after the first day, so then I shouldn't have recieved any daily special missions after this, but still have both Sunday and Tuesday, Please clarify, thank you. Regards, Kevin

Hey, the issue has been resolved after an unscheduled maintenance. May I know if you still experience it?