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FPS Locked on 30 in HTML5

Skills_My 1 year ago updated 9 months ago 3

Sometimes in the HTML5 version of tanki, i get 60 FPS with some graphic options, and then it jumps straight to 30 even when i remove all graphics, or when i activate them, and noticing my dedicated GPU would be running low eventhough i'm capable of doing 60+ on almost full graphics, but now it's stuck to 30 and i don't know why, nor how to make it back to 60

I feel that the issue is coming from a frame rate limiter that gets activated on 30 without the possibility of disabling it.

Any solutions?

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Hey there! :)

Please read this article and follow what is mentioned there to raise your FPS in the HTML5 version of the game. However, it is dedicated to HTML5 on browser, for the HTML5 client, please read and follow this one - this should also be helpful in raising FPS in Flash browser and client (Win/Mac) versions if need be.

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If the problem is not yet solved, can you record it?

Let me know if you need any more assistance. 

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I'm sorry for not providing the video, I totally forgot about this case, and moved on, but I'm still facing the same issue but it's different this time, Now it's whenevr i play 1366x768 i get fluide 60FPS, but whenever i bump the resolution upto 1920x1080 The game gets stuck at 30 FPS with my GPU resource consumption remaining the same. By the way I will link a video down in a sec, I shot it on an alternative account, And this issue occurs whenever i got Max graphics or not, i turned them down in the video because the recorder i use consumes alot of resources.