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Lost server connection - ControlChannelDisconnectException Error (New HTML5 version)

fireking1000 1 year ago updated by PsychoX 6 days ago 7

whenever i log onto a browser it says lost server connection and wants me to restart and it says that every time. ive cleared cache and everything plz help

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Hey, please check if your internet connection is stable.

YES it is stable, all my other games work totally fine, and i am hooked directly into the ethernet cable and my internet speed is good too but it keeps denying me access to the game for some reason

36.5mbps download and 23.8mbps upload. I really want to finish the make it till may challenge to get the skin container but i cant even access my acc

Hey, please clear browser cache or try using another browser. Or if you prefer, please try the downloadable client.

Hello guys i m givin exactly the same problem. I need help i dont know waht to do, i do all!!!!

Please any help me but really a good solution i test all" and nothing....

i have confing load expection error any ideas how to slove that


im guessing

control channel error occurs when your disk capability (read write capability) is at maximum utility  so the browser wont be able to load some resources, sometimes it may occur as resource load exception error

try closing other applications and terminating background processes 

make sure you also have a stable internet connection, you can also download from homepage that might help with that issue 

Your PC need more RAM so try close all other program and if not work use other device