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Cannot load resources errors - ResourceBatchLoadException (New HTML5)

Heart_and_soul 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 5

I currently just joined a pro battle and I am getting errors currently. I got banned yesterday cause i got a similar error cause I couldn't leave. Can you help me with this error? I don't want to get banned again.


Update: I didn't get banned this time. I did get kicked for inactivity though, and didn't get to play in it.

Do you mean your account got blocked? If so, may I know for how long?

I got banned the first time this error popped up because it was viewed as "sabotage" for the team I was on. I got banned for 1 hour I believe and 24 hours from chat. By the way, I got the same error again at the time i wrote this.

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Hey, please check if your internet connection is good enough to load games and your browser is up to date. Or, please clear the client's cache.

My internet is good. I get about 100 ping or less on average.