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HTML5 - a few keys don't work anymore

Peter06_TURBO 2 years ago updated by Adab (Moderator) 1 year ago 5

Since 2 days on  my keyboard the right panal for numbers does't work anymore and also the shift key doesn't respond anymore.

This problem occured also in a earlier version of html5 but it's back again what is the solution ?

Still not working, when will the problem be solved ?

Issue has been forwarded

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It's 3 months ago still the problem is not been solved. In the other version I experience fault after fault. Am I the only one , who can't use the nummeric right keys one my keyboard in html 5 ? 


Hey, please ensure the numeric keys on the right side of your keyboard, or in other words, the keys of your choice are set in the game's control settings, for each of the actions you wish to perform using them.