Problem solved

saboteur only dropping one mine instead of the full eight even though i have battery supplies

rommelsalive 2 years ago updated by Adab (Moderator) 2 years ago 9

The saboteur only dropping one mine and I can't find any solution, any help please

Hello. Make sure that the saboteur drone is fully micro upgraded if you want to drop 8 mines. 

If you want to read more about the micro upgrade steps of the saboteur drone you can do so Here

Hello, thanks for your comment. I have the full micro upgrade, it was working ok up until around 7 days ago and now only drops one mine rather than the eight it was dropping previously. Not too sure if this is a tech problem with the Tanki server ?

Are you sure you have the correct drone equipped? Also, maybe you played a pro battle with micro upgrades off? 

i absolutely have the correct drone equipment, this has been working fine for many months in all forms.

It sounds like a tech problem, if you haven't come across this before don't worry as I'll get on to the tech people,

cheers anyway

Hello! The best drone for you probably depends on your playing style. To view a list of drones and what they do you can click Here

Problem solved

I have the same problem. Batteries are there, the drone is there, mines are there, and it ONLY drops one mine instead of many.

I truly believe that you have a bug in the program.


If you are sure it is a bug, please report it here with some screenshots or videos. Or if you are trying to seek help related to the issue, please give us more information. I highly recommend you to re-enter the game if that happens.