Premium account question

NoisyD 2 years ago updated by Jay 2 years ago 6

How to extend a premium Account when won while playing under previous premium account? I assume it gets added on after the previous Premium expires or if you win premium while playing in premium is it "just to bad" and you lose it?

Hello?   Anyone there to answer this?

The expiry date and time for your Premium account depend on when you first received your Premium subscription, meaning if you win another couple of days of Premium, it gets added to your existing Premium plan whilst having the same expiry date & time. It is not added on after your previous Premium expires,  it is automatically added while your previous Premium is active.

And, winning Premium while already having Premium isn't "just too bad" as you don't lose any Premium hours, it's retroactively added to your existing plan.

It's good will be added to yor premium the nice  time like days

The extra premium account you won will be added on to your existing time. So if you had 15 days left and won 3 more days, it'll expire in 18 days.

Yes, if you get premium from a mission or the battle pass, it will add to your total premium account time. For example if you have 5 days of premium left, and you get 3 days more from the battle pass, you will now have 8 total days of premium as the premium was added on.