Unable to load game through IE browser

Shaftermath 2 years ago 0

I get a blank grey screen when launching the game through IE (I expect to see the login prompt)

This started on Monday 15th July 2019. It worked at around 06:00, it didn't work at around 18:00, and hasn't since.

This happens for two separate PCs, so I'm not expecting it to be a local issue.

I access the game through the IE browser. There are reasons I don't wish or are unable to use other methods (I don't trust the client, and non-IE browsers don't seem to work with mouse control). Please don't bleat to me about trying other ways to access the game - just advise me on this one, which is a supported method.

Flash is enabled, ActiveX filtering is disabled, as expected.

I use the latest version of Flash.

I have cleaned Flash Shared Objects.

I have cleared the Browser cache.

http://tankionline.com is not being blocked by my browser or firewall.

Over to you.