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Cheating Sponsors...

ukras001 2 years ago updated by MSI 2 years ago 3

Cheating sponsors!

I just finnish a game and I can't possible understood how that could even happen.

In a team deadmatch, my adversary with Viking and Stiker, has protection 50 for Striker, Thunder and SEVERAL other turrest, (note the SEVERAL)... has been around all my team, destroyng us, immune to any of our attempts to destroy him.

You know, I was FIRING too, we all in my team were FIRING too!!!!

Additionaly, he was fully drugged 100% of the time. He even have time to drop mines, repair kits, and still have DD and DA ALWAYS active, that is permanently active. I thought there was some cooldown time between activacting DA, DD, mines and Repair KIT, but that clearly didn't affect him... After all, we were firing at him, he should be destroyed before he has the time to use Repair kit, after he used DA, DD, DS and mines...

Together with his team mate, a Viking Firebird also 100% of the TIME drugged, and another Viking Ricochet, they were able to destroy us no mather what we did.

Check the final result in the image and explain that to me, how one can have 30 destroyed, and only 4 lost? How one can have 16 destroyed and only 4 lost, in a so Close Combate!!!

My question, cheat sponsors is:

a) how is this even possible, and why do you support this kind of game playing?

b) How can I be supported by you, so I can cheat in the same way my adversary did? Should I spend tons of money to get superiority over other players?

Thank you.

Under review

The user may have active effects of a certain drone which provides these advantages. Did you notice any drones equipped with the user?

There is no need to rage about this, its just the way tanki is. Deal with it.