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Tanki Online lag

GG_reg 3 years ago updated by RoddyRicch 3 years ago 4

So I recently got a new PC that was better than my old one in pretty much every way. This new system can run games like Fortnite on 120 FPS and record no problem, but when I play Tanki I have problems with lag. My FPS stays on 60 and my ping is 20 but for some reason the game is glitchy. Anyone got any ideas why? Thanks.


It Happens Sometime Because of Virus in PC.

Here is a Solution: Just Clear the cache and Reinstall it.Hope It Helps You.


I don't think you quite understand. There is no virus or I would struggle with other games too. It is just Tanki that is the problem. 

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Clear the cache of the software you are using to run the game and try again. If the problem still persists, run the game on Standalone Flash Player 

Hello User, Please try Enabling "Mip Mapping" In Settings.

This may clear up any pixel like items that may be showing up in-game.