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banned chat for no reason

7M_a_R_S_H_a_L7 3 years ago updated by Adab (Moderator) 2 weeks ago 32

Hello Tankionline. Please Help! How come did i get  chat banned for no reason? i was not even texting anyone or i was not even using my chat. it got banned for no reason. it says "u got banned for transfering bla bla bla" but this is not even what i did. im the only one who plays with this account and i did not to something wrong. Tankionline, we love you! u guys are losing players for banning them for no reason. check how many tankers got banned for no reason. What the hell is going on with yall? can u guys open my banned chat? my player name is 7M_a_r_S_H_a_L7


Problem solved

if you'd like to learn more about your ban, please contact Ostrica or M4jH0L-AFG via PM in  the forum.

Problem solved

if you'd like to learn more about your ban, please contact Ostrica or M4jH0L-AFG via PM in  the forum.

Thanks anyways. But its still waste of time. i dont wanna contact someone. What i was saying is " i got banned for noooo reason" so i dont have to waste my time to contact with more then one place. i just told you my problem here. you guys should take care of it. Thanks anyways. My chat just opened

Hello my name is paul. i just got chat perma chat ban and i dont know why please help me i want to write with my friends in the game . pls help thank you

Hey! We are sorry to know you are permanently banned from the game chats, please contact one of the Chat Administrators via Forum PM regarding your concern.

Can u pls read my comment and help me it would be a blessin! THX

Same i got banned from the game in chat for 1 week and it shows me in the russian language i used translator and it said i got banned dude to swear,insults etc but i never did chat before i got banned i got banned on the next day i entered into the acc pls look into this

I was banned it says for #rules but I didnt do anything!! pls let me chat!!!

It also says alot of russian giberish that i cant read pls HELP!!!!!

Please guys ive been playing this game for years it wont let me chat and it prohibits me from playing in pro if u people wont my buisness buying with u , u better make this straight.

Hey, if you are banned from using the game's chat, please contact one of the Chat Administrators via Forum PM to learn more about it; they will unban you if necessary.

Look i appreciate ur help well not really, look if ur not a tanki employee im sorry but ur paid for a reaso, to help people not to just tell them to contact a person, the ban was only for 1 day so its ok but think obout it.


Unfortunately, we do not have jurisdiction in chat related issues and hence we direct you to someone else (who has jurisdiction).

I appreciate ur help, I was not awarethat u could not help in the way thank you


I actually need help regarding banned accounts.

my other account has been banned due to inappropriate nickname

Pls I request u to unblock it

Hey, since you were banned for an inappropriate nickname, you could get unbanned by requesting a new nickname that complies with the Game Rules to our Technical Support team using this form; you are allowed to get a new nickname for free of cost.

Can u PLS read my comment THX!

Hi its me again, I NEED HELP, i try to ask a question in the Q&A in the chat but the helper wont talk and i asked a person to refund my goldboxes that were takin away even though i dont have a email, I know you dont have juristiction in those areas but if u could get someone who does to contact me, that would be great! THX!

Hi, the helper for the goldboxes responded + took care of the issue. But if u could get me in contact with the Q&A helper bec. he still did not respond. Thank you!

Hi, could you please rephrase your words and tell what exactly do you need help with? If it's about refunding a purchase, unfortunately, that's against the Game Rules (Paragraph 2.1.6) and could result in your account getting blocked.

IM banned again ,reason #rules, look getting banned for no reason is kinda getting old whats u guys problem!

Hey, I have answered you about it here, please have a look.

Thank you for the chat help, but its not refunding a purchase, I recently got 3 goldboxes but they dissapeared for some reason, U are able to get them back, if you fill out a paper and stuff but i wasnt able to do that, I dont now what you are talking about when you are saying about getting banned for getting stuff back because you can. Thank you for your help.

Hey, if you have lost crystals/exp/items from your account, you should contact Tech Support using this form

More info

I now this has nothing to do with u, but I was wondering who to talk to about the prizes for the quiz recently put out. thx if u can. Soory for all the trouble Im causing. :)

Hey, if you were talking about the Tanki Quiz contest, you are good to either post your query as a reply to the contest's topic (which I have hyperlinked in the first line of this reply) or send a Forum PM to one of the Contest Organizers. However, since the topic is now closed for new replies, you will have to use Forum PM, if necessary.


I am r_tanker507

I do not know why am I banned for 5 days from chat and it was saying I have insulted and written bad words to other people and it is against rules but I have not done so please solve this problem as soon as possible.

I am sending a screenshot:-

Hi there!

Unfortunately, we were unable to reach you; we're so sorry to make you wait. I have already answered you here, but let me repeat it again here as well. Please contact a Chat Administrator in the forum via PM (Private Message), they are the ones who deal with these.

If you were banned in the Russian locale, please contact a RU Chat Administrator via forum PM in the RU forum.

Good luck and have a good day! :D

Ok moderators I am Alexander Karpovich founder of Tanki Online. So do not respond and I will suspend you all. I was testing you all.

Listen the music and get suspended .

Just do not hesitate ok, I ma not the founder of Tanki I am a pro player. U guys just solve my problem as soon as possible.

Now I am really serious about this. Now I ma going to complain this site

hi i want unban on chat i got no reason i just chill in map and got 1month ban 

Hello, please contact a Chat Administrator via forum PM about it.