Client does not open

girl.cat 3 years ago updated by GoldBoxLegend 1 year ago 6

I can enter the game using standalone flashdriver. When i use the client i found that it does not use any internet, task manager shows that it uses 0 mbps. why?? The flash driver uses internet and it opens the game.

I want to use the client all the time because sometimes it opens the game and the game looks cool with it, 60 fps and high graphics. It is not like flash driver.

Is there any answer on how to fix my problem ?

please I need help.


Try re-installing your client and if you have an older version then uninstall it and download the latest version available. If you continue encountering this problem please inform us.

What to do if online client is not loading 
i have good internet and good workingstation

i get 60+ fps in download client but online game is not loading

I re-installed the client and rebooted my router. The green line starts loading then it does not finish. And shows and error.

that happens when i join a battle. why whyyyy??

I guess it's because someone else is downloading or playing YouTube the whole time which makes your connection weak.

Clean Flash Shared Objects.
This can also be a problem with slow network connection. If you're sure your internet is fast enough to load the game, please change your browser .