hi, i am having a problem with tanki online client. It does not open. It shows an error with numbers.I checked those numbers in help section. It says that my internet connection is not fast enought to run the game.

girl.cat 3 years ago updated by Biggest_Noob 3 years ago 5

I can enter the game using standalone flashdriver. When i use the client i found that it does not use any internet, taskmanager showed that it uses 0 mbps. why??
The flash driver uses internet and it opens the game.

I want to use the client all the time because sometimes it opens the game and the game looks cool with it, 60 fps and high graphics. It is not like flash driver.

Is there any answer on how to fix my problem ?

please I need help.

Sometimes is very very rare. maybe once in 10 times.

the client starts loading then it stops and shows an error.

If it keeps showing an error then try rebooting your router since there's a possiblty that someone else is hijacking/interrupting your internet connection which leads in these errors.