Tanki Downloadable Cient not working (I need to be an administrator??)

CalOfGearva 3 years ago updated by wow 3 years ago 4

I am on a pretty old computer, so I thought downloading Tanki might help me.  All of the loading worked, but after I chose which language to use, it told me I had to be an administrator to get in.  Please help!


I think after a little while I.   Figured out the solution myself; that I needed to switch to the adminstrator account on my Pc, but thank you for all the satisfactory help, I really appreciate it!

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Also, just as a note, it told me I had to be logged in as a administrator while I was downloading it.

You can try this, before opening Tanki app, Right click on it and press Run as administrator.

I think I figured it out.  I was on a side account, not the administrator account on my computer, so I'll try that.  Thank you for the help!