how much internet does tanki online take ?

dethsound 3 years ago updated by wow 3 years ago 2

So with war i play a lot of tanki .. like 5 hours a day almost and i noticed my internet to drain FAST . 

My question is i need tips on how to reduce internet taken by tanki.

Q2: I use the browser to game tanki ... will playing tanki in the App take less internet while playing ?

btw: i don't play 5 hours because of war only as i enjoy the game but 200 kills with all of those druggers in 1 day ? thats quite hard. but 3 containers is a good reward so I very much like the war .. i still don't understand how it works so i just do the steps to enter and next day i try to get high K/D and i just hope i get containers , so in no way i understand what the votes do .


Tanki doesn't really drain internet fast since everything which need download is saved into cache files, you can try using client, but don't think it would take less internet.

About War, you already do everything right, more info can be found here.