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Why doesent works the client on windows vista?

Java0815 3 years ago updated by wow 3 years ago 3

I have a Laptop with Windows Vista and i want to play without the browser tanki online. I have no choice to upgrade it to windows 7 or higher. why doesent works the Client on Vista?


I downloaded it 3 times before the download works because every time befor the browser said "failed".

And now when i try to open it nothing happens. i try'd to run it as admin but no other result.

Windows Vista Home Premium

Personal Computer

Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) X2 Dual-Core QL62 2.00 GHz


System: 32 bit System


Are you sure your internet connection is fast enough to download it? Try restart your router and see if you can download then. It must be because of slow internet connection.

Client can work on Vista. I don't think you are facing problem because of that. Try to download it in incognito tab, that might work.