application for account return- link sent to me has a problem

doyouknowthewae 4 years ago updated by FTW 3 years ago 5

so I tried to get my first account back since I forgot my password and have no email registered(long story).

so I ended up writing a form for

Application for account return

after I finished it, they sent me this.

so I clicked the link, but it's keep sending me to application for account form link again.

I wrote the form again, but it's keep doing same thing-sending me to form link again.

plz fix it.



Copy the link and paste it in other browser, it should work like that.

Which browsers did you try using?

I once also suffered from this issue. I just basically wrote to the help desk about the glitch and they sent me a series of questions to answer instead. You can also try this but it's not recommended.

Choose another browser, clear its cache, cookies and useless data then copy the link and paste it there.
If it doesn't work there then I suggest you contacting them once again in order to send you a valid link or a series of questions to answer as MSI stated above.