why dont tanki put all kits in the garage ?

bloodhound10 4 years ago updated by Talal440 3 years ago 7

why dont tanki put all the kits in the garage ? i am saving for legand kit when i have enough i will have to wait for the kit too come into the garage why not put all please make tanki a graet game


why not put all exsisting kits in the garage too stay and not rotate bc i need legand kit and ill have too wait till february or march for it too come back

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Unfortunately developers have decided against adding certain kits to the garage presumably for monetary gain.

It has been suggested that they add them to the garage before, you can find the suggestion topic HERE.

not like that i mean the kits that are all ready in the garage every 5 to 7 days the change in sequence i want all kits availabe in garage

That's not gonna happen, it's best when they rotate like this.


i have enough for legand kit and i want it why not put all so i have not have to wait till february or march for it too come back

Because that's how tanki made kits rotate, all people wait for their kits to show up in their garage. Just be patient and wait for it to show up.