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unable to play the game

metroplexprime 3 years ago updated by wow 3 years ago 5 1 duplicate

my net works just fine average 10MBps and my laptop specs is more than sufficient to play the game but i am somehow play any kind of battle and just removes me of the game due to inactivity without being able to enter the game but i can hover over any other part like checking the garage and all the functions except the battle which kind of loops around and later displays message of inactivity. Please help!

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Hi! Do you play this game on browser? If yes, then play on Official client of Tanki which can be download from here. If you are already playing on client then try cleaning your client cache. You can read here how to clear client's cache: How to clean Tanki Online clients cache?

I did try all the above steps already but the result is same but somehow at someday I am able to take part in battle via browser but the inconsistency keeps on increasing even though everything remains the same! Do suggest : ) 

There must be something to do with high Ping.

Try restarting your router and playing game through Standalone Flash Player.