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Opening Ports for Tanki Online in Router.

MeTrIKSS97 4 years ago updated by wow 4 years ago 3

Hello .. i have Lag issue during the game, the thing about this lag is that i have 70 Ping stable, but i keep seeing tanks turning on eachother, can't take drops , can't self-Des .. etc. i'm currently connected to my Wifi with an Ethernet cable, and i also have stable ping in all of my steam games and another game called League of legends. and a friend told me to Open ports of tanki online game in order to fix this problem.. so i'm looking for someone who knows about the Ports and their Protocols (TCP or UDP). i already tried to clean my Flash Cash and the other stuff that i usually get in Formus answers , so please give me just infos about the Ports.. Thank you ^^

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I don't know about their ports but, I think you should contact the help desk.  What is help@tankionline.com?


Very Helpful answer ! thnx