Why can I not PM my friend

francisisking 4 years ago updated by wow 4 years ago 5

I tried everything I even went to the forum http://help.tankionline.com/forums/7-knowledge-base/topics/2332-what-is-a-pm-and-how-do-i-use-it/ & it did not tell me anything that didn't already know.  I am at my wits end.  Please help me.

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When you go to his profile in forum, do you see ''Send me a message''? if not then your friend have disabled PMs, in that case you won't be able to send him anything.

I tried going to to his profile in forum.  When I searched for his name in the Form it did not show up.  However when I searched for his name in Ratings it did show up, so I know it is real name.


Could be that your friend haven't logged in forum at all, so send him a message in game saying him to login in forum, then you will be able to find him in forum and send him a PM.