Railgun M1 damage consistantly low.

Matt_Black 4 years ago updated by wow 4 years ago 5

Hi, I have noticed that my hits with my M1 railgun very often (3 times out of 5) fall outside of the lower range of damage for the turret. I know it's random and should be somewhere in the middle of the range on average with the occasional shot falling outside that range. I should on average be seeing 750 per shot with the occasional low 500 and the even rarer 1000. I have been getting low 300's for consecutive shots. Any ideas why?

It's possible that those players have protection from your turret or maybe they have double armor. To understand how Railgun's damage work, read this. https://en.tankiwiki.com/In_depth:_Game_Mechanics#Railgun

Thanks for the reply. I read everything I could find on the railgun mechanics and had already read the article you linked. Yes double armour could would account for average shots being down in the low 300's but I was in a recent battle where it took 4 shots to kill a wasp, all in the 300's, and he showed no double armour icon. Surely an M1+ module against railgun wouldn't have such an effect?

You have not mentioned whether the wasp was m0, m1 or m2. I assume it was m1. Hit points (HP) of M1 wasp is 1 264.71, and since all your 4 shots dealt damage in 300's, so it's obvious it will take 4 shots to destroy it. 

It's simply the way how Railgun damage works. Please note that it's not a bug or glitch.