Why paypal is not working.

XMax_004 4 years ago updated by Mr.Jugernaut 3 years ago 13

I am from Greece and i want to buy a kit from the shop with paypal but the page doesn't opening.


Are you using the client or a browser?

Client.When i click on the kit "NEXT" it opens a window like this

Try purchasing through a browser, try several different browsers if one doesn't work. Purchasing may not always work on the client.

Click on Advanced, then click Proceed or something similar that lets you continue to the page.


It is not working. It says "404 Not Found"

Looks like the link is corrupted. Try a different item or payment method. Does the page load?

Ok i will see thanks for your time.


I want to use paypal but if the link is corrupted don't you think Tanki online should fix the link?


ALSO, the product I wish to purchase is only available with paypal


Im trying to buy with paypal but I keep getting an error screen and same if I just type in a credit card. All these problems people are having is related to tankionline. I can shop at any other game place or sellr. The problem is wit tankionline. Upgrade your website or server. PLEASE!!


further comment...its not the client or the browser. That's some made up excuss that has nothing to do with making a purchace. Tanki needs to be honest and needs a web accountant who really knows whats going on.