inability to find friends in US server

Corte_master 4 years ago updated by Sia 4 years ago 1

I cant find a friend of mine i dont know if it is because  of his low rank or the fact that he is in the US server can i friend him and batle whit him qhen he reaches the necessary rank?


Since all are merged, no servers in friend list, it doesn't show which server friends are as it just shows their nicknames and the battle they are playing in case they are playing a battle which means that now if you want to talk with a friend, you simply have to use the channel tabs and chat with others and your friends. Keep in mind that the messages you send to your friends doesn't depend on which channel you are using so you can use any channel you want and they will see your messages. You can still see where your friends are playing but not where exactly they are as all servers has been merged so it no longer shows the server they in now.