Client problem tank is so slow on client and its ok on browser

Cancer 4 years ago updated by wow 4 years ago 3

My Question is, Is there any problem in tanki client since yesterday? as I have seen many of my friends including me the client is not working properly it stuck at loading  I did everything that is given at help site nothing happened  & finally, I tried the standalone flash player which is so bad it's giving me 30-40 fps and because of that I didn't play in RC yesterday although Client gives me 60 fps every time and today I did nothing to the client the same client which I reinstalled yesterday doing too much effort & its working perfectly there was neither fault on my laptop nor in my internet. But the problem, for now, is the Tank is so slow it's not moving like before its so hard to move it and to take aim Although on flash player Tank is moving perfectly. Kindly help me.

Again I'm repeating there was no problem in my laptop & internet


You can try cleaning clients cache using these steps: How to clear cache of TO Client.

didn't u read this clearly as i said i've tried all these method but still the same problem it like 100 times i cleared the client caches but still same error i did restart too many times

Uninstall client, delete all it's files and install it again, see if that helps.