How to report a bug?

bdadrian 6 years ago updated by Adab (Moderator) 3 months ago 38

I found a bug. In this hour I played on Arena map and one player appears to be in red team but kill the red team members. I take some screen shots.


You can report bugs here.

my garage is broken it shows it during battle while I am playing and id doesn't show turrets or those things. on the item description it says "Hello chris999_777!" so please fix the problem

Today i was playing tanki online just some 10 mins ago and when i entered the game i could not take any supplies from the dropping points.sometimes when i was capturing a cp point a,b,c,etc, i could not like capture it the laser from my tank to the point remains then comes back.

That problem has many reasons. First you need to check your internet connection. If you don't have any problems with it - clean your cache. How to clear your browser’s cache?
Also, try to use the Tanki Online Game client, And it can be found on TO
Homepage: http://tankionline.com/en/

heloo heres a bug a played and when a bought 5 speeds my crystals was gone but a didnt resieve speeds

On my Mac book pro the self destruct doesn't work it's verrrrry annoying pleas do something the delete key won't work and it's not my keyboard 😖

You can self destruct without a 'Delete' button by pressing Alt + Backspace on the keyboard. Make sure you hit Alt first, then backspace. I have a chromebook, and Im a bad player so this obviously helps me when i flip in the game.

ok so when i go into battle it works out fine... ok? but what happens is i can shoot and everything but i cant damage anyone

If u can'd do damage likely it its your adobe flash player and reloading the game will probably work.

i can't see buildings or walls and the floor is see through except for the bonus boxes

Sounds like a visual bug report it here. Would be better if you add a screenshot of it.

guyz there is so many bugs when i use shaft.first of all when i aim and after i shoot the circle of the shaft is still there and then the whole game starts to lag. secound of all is the new bug when i aim i can only aim horizontaly.plz help me.

The first one sounds more like lag than a bug. What is your average Ping and FPS?

If you want to report bugs/glitches, you can report them here.

guyz i cant enter the game it stays on the loading bar forever no can i watch you tube videos in my lap.but in my phone i can watch them.i use the same router for both devises but why is this happening. plz reply soon.

I also have a problem the new war of domination mode came out today  and it doesn't work for me or my friends and we all have problems with it also when i go to garage in a battle it doesn't load. so if these problems aren't fixed i will post on Twitter and Facebook that Tanki Does Not listen to Your Problems!!!!! 

and i already have 5000 followers and my friends are posting to so please fix it.

I changed my account email but the password did not change :(

(sory for my bad english)

I want to enter a battle with the matching whatever and i cannot enter the battle. I try to enter match i clicked play and it started to load and then the page went blank for one minute then it came back to the home page and  it stated i was remove for the battle due to inactive and i was never in a battle. why is that happening to and plz help me or fix something.

When ever i am in the game (any battle) some how everything freezes and all turrets and hulls go around... >:( 

Hey, it seems you are facing ping-related internet issues. Please check if your ping (latency) is high, if yes, fix your internet connection.

I fixed my internet and nothing is still working. Sorry about that...

Hello, I fixed my internet and did evrything I also got a new device!!! Sorry for that but okay, whenever I go on test server and real tanki online, why does it (Load) Forever!!! Admins can you guys stop making the game load and just come quick? So it made me sweat and also super mad, to be honest, I almost broke my devise! So please work on that admins.. :(

Internet its you guys who is making it not the internet!!!

😭please help!!

😭😭😭 sorry about that but just have to because I did everything I want and nothing working...

Hey, Test servers are meant for testing purposes and hence can't be as reliable as the normal servers.

Please read this article and follow the appropriate steps mentioned to solve your long loading time issue: I can't enter the game / the game doesn't load. Or please try clearing cache (Browser/Client).

Why does Test server load for a long time.I have been reloading the page from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, I promise this is true and why does that happen.Our internet is perfect but still !

Hi, Test servers are meant for testing purposes and hence can't be as reliable as the normal servers.

I have full internet. Why is tanki online that worse! Everytime I go press play or click on any battle keeps saying (Lost server connection)! I coudn't play the whole time!!! >:(

Hey, please read this article and follow the appropriate steps needed, as mentioned.

 THIS IS MY 3nd/4th REPORT I DID EVERYTHING & CHECKED MY INTERNET! Why does Tanki online load FOREVER KEEPS SAYING RESTART!!! I mean it my life is getting ruind I Tried Hard and ranked UP and Suddenly keeps saying RESTART Witch iis not letting me play!!! huh, tanki online is not improving PLEASE WORK ON THAT PLEASE!!! PLEASE HELP SOMEONE!!!!!!!!  Hello, Tanki online To BE HONEST HONEST I ALMOST BROKE MY DEVICE WITH MY FOREHEAD WITH THAT I WAS CRYING !!!  :( tanki online RUIND my life 😢 

Hello, I have premium 23 hours now It keeps saying RESTART I Am not enjoying my premium :( :( :( 




my matchmaking is soo broken 

I am not able to play , I am able to enter matches and play 

But all the other players are 10 ranks above me all are soo much ranks above me I don’t know why 

I am having a gs right of 4000 all the other players are having a gs of 9999 in my match making 

I am having a serious issue in my match making it make me mad going crazy 

Fix this fast 

Because of this issue I feel like I want to quit tanki I am not able to play an equal match I am able to take an opponent in 7-8 shots and 

All of the others are taking me down in 1-2 shots 

Fix this tanki🙏🏻 Please 

Why cant i purchase tankoins?

everytime it keeps saying An error occurred while processing the payment. Please try again later.


Hello, please read this article and do what is needed.