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what is help@tankionline.com and why do u get a email from them when yours is sending?

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help@tankionline.com is the email address you need if you want to contact our TechSupport. After each email you send, you automatically receive one informing you about the amount of emails they have received before yours and how much time it'll take for them to answer you.

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guys i need ur help.

i was playing tanki online and i had 14000 plus crystals in my account.then the server closed or was disconnected.i reloaded the page and i had 117 crystals.my railgun was changed with a smoky m1 which i didnt buy.how do i get my money back?please write to my email muhtasimkabir@gmail.com


My other account got hacked please help me!!


how do we get test server codes


hello, i want to change my email but i forgot the one i had linked to before. What do I do?


Contact the tech support using this form.


I linked my account to my old email bluetuiproductions@gmail.com and I deleted that email and now I cant link it to my new email bluetui28@gmail.com what do i do?


how to send my email to the football game


Hi, on a different account for tanki, I lost my password. Can I please be sent a new one?


Try changing your password using forgot password option. If you fail to change your password, contact help@tankionline.com and tell them to change your password for you.

How to write to TechSupport?



I would like to address the issue of one of the recent changes made in this game, specifically the ability to create new battles. Until now it was possible to create specific battles with a set number of participants and a specific range of rank. This has now been changed so that only people who pay extra now have this function available. Since I have, several times already, paid $$$ to upgrade my tank when an upgrade of rank enables me to do so, this new DOWNGRADE of game options is in my opinion not OK since I, and probably most other players, not only pay for tank upgrades or supplies alone, but we all have been paying to use these things in a specific game-playing environment. It is OK to U P G R A D E whatever it is you can improve but not to limit the functions of the game. It is also OK to create new conditions for non-paying customers and they can decide if they wish to invest in the game with the given characteristics or not but I, as a paying customer feel cheated by this new change because you are in effect asking me to pay extra to be able to maintain the same conditions as before. This is unacceptable. I appreciate your response. Thank you.

ps I'm not even sure if making this change will serve you well financially. Sure, some of those players "hooked" on the game may pay, constantly, to maintain this function but others may get fed up and just quit altogether in which case you also lose the occasional tank upgrades people would pay for. Your thoughts on this?


Hy ,a problem .. i have isida m4 but the healing is only 504 not 654 why ? i'll get you the prints :




The wiki page is not updated yet.


Could you tell me please why we ban the account: M3cctb_3a_hthr123456?


please make gold boxes for 1000 dollars in tanki money and 0 dollars in reall money cause most people don't get gold boc mission and their moms and dads don't let them spend real money on tanki that way its fear pplleeaassee do what I just said : ((((


How do you send them a new tank that you want in the game.


also the third payment

tanks received there maybe was not any crystals awarded but the charge "went through" r whatever

can you say what happened to that

i hope you're nt thieving pirates

God bless

ps it maybe goes without saying the so called email address for tech support does not seem to work


how do you send tanki tank ideas

Hello, I terminated my tank stolen from me so I want to say that I hope you come help me take tankionline name taz-100

Hello, I can't do any mission, ....whenever I try to do I didn't do any progress. please help me......



Due to the new update, Missions can only be done in Non-Pro battles.
All information you can find here: http://en.tankiforum.com/index.php?showtopic=353760

я бил master-sergant ф сеичас риадавои

hello my name is metin my akkaunt tanki online


please help me what can I do? please give my akkaunt please

help gmail Understanding 

Gmail is a free Web-based e-mail service currently being tested at Google that provides users with a gigabyte of storage for messages and provides the ability to search for specific messages. The Gmail program also automatically organizes successively related messages into a conversational thread.

Hi tanki producers plzz change the Way We can get crystals With payment. I am 15 years ol And i havent got Visa or Mastercard o paypal account. Plzz add paysafe card. 

my acaunt baned plz ubaned my acaunt  barbosa_1234567

Please contact the Tech Support using this form. They'll be glad to help you!


how do we email tanki 

does any one know


dear tanki stuff, ive lost  the  control ower  my  accound.please  help  me i want is back

ummm!!! i lost all of my ranks and everything What do i do?? because i was a master leader i think.

and plz help asap i really like this game it's awsome!!

i don't know how to send a email about the answer to the tanki online people to tell them my answer

https://br.tankiwiki.com/Tanki_Online_Wiki#.W3N1slx95gQ.gmail, bom dia,tarde,noite! bom, foi banido por chat do tanki online para sempre, Motivo : não sei, pois n fiz nada por favor sera q vc podera me desbanir? ......................., Me desculpe, só estou aqui para isso mesmo pq nao fiz nada para ser banido <3

me ajdeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

help i bought gems and did not receve them

If your crystals have still not appeared, just fill in this form and submit. Describe the problem in as much detail and as simply as possible. A better description will lead to a faster resolution of the problem.

How to recover my 7a7r7t7u7r7 email?

Im lose my account email. how to recover


i got a gold box but it did not give me the crystal what do i do to get them

Make sure that you caught a normal Goldbox and not a black box instead.

tanki online hacking wrong please 


hello why the results of the dispers combat are not processed


The results of the site should be working fine now.

what is tankionline email addres

Unbann my account GAGIKGARIK0 #4

Hey! Please contact Tech Support using this form. They will tell you more information on why your account was blocked and consider unblocking it if you are innocent.

More info.

hi my account not linked by email, i try, but when i go soon i go to the login screen, i won the reward for the link, but when it was time to change the password it was normal, as if i had not linked


You can follow this step by step guide in this article here on how to properly link your email.

If it's not properly confirming you confirmed it I suggest refreshing your game then trying again to see if it makes a difference. 

Any other issues with confirming your email, you can kindly reach out to tech support help@tankionline.com.

Best regards, FTL

hello, again, i have an account that today and r_destemidocampeao30 that i can't recover for all the time goes to the login screen, what do i do?

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Can you be more specific on your issue here? Is your game not loading or is the account blocked so you're unable to log in?