uncontrolable tank

bosslvl 6 years ago updated by CALCON 3 years ago 7
plz help!

sometimes when I am driving along in tanki online or when I've only just spawned my tank starts moving in a random direction (mostly left and right) by itself and I can't top it so how do stop this from happening
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This can be a problem with ghosting keyboard. Have you tried changing your keyboard and playing with a new one?
Actually, this happened to me three times. It's not the keyboard. I just self-destructed and/or left the game, but that is mostly due to the ping glitch. If not, then it IS your keyboard.
Do you expericne low frame rates? This is usually cause by your computer not being able to run the game, so when you press a button, and your computer lags, the computer remembers the last button you pressed, and that's why you keep moving.

Just press the arrow keys and z,x,c keys randomly at the same time and it will fix it. I know it sounds foolish but it actually works. I have experienced same problem so many times.

k thanks but i don't play tanki any more lol (it's all about overwatch)

(well i will play again when tanki x comes out)


I have the same issue. I will be moving just like normal, but then randomly my tank will turn left, or shoot, or not shoot when supposed to. I can't stop it when it does it. When it does stop, it will do another action shortly after. I can't shoot if my tank is making constant jerks here and there. Does anyone know what this is, and most importantly, how to treat it? I am desperate.